Teaching Opportunities


What is your Area of Interest & Expertise?

~You Can Share It With An Interested Community of Learners~


Please look over the course bulletin, in print or on line. What non-credit course might you add to the community school program? We are eager to consider new teachers and courses in foreign languages, computing, the arts, health, music, science, human relations, and more.

            Adult & Community Education was established by citizen initiative and since 1954 has provided opportunities for community-school use and continuous learning. All courses are completely self-funded with student fees. Adult & Community Education is a community service of the Concord-Carlisle Schools.

            Contact the Director, Court Booth, or a member of the Advisory Committee if you wish to discuss a potential course.

            Teaching compensation typically ranges from $25 to $35/hour, with all courses contingent upon required enrollment and student fees. Many people also volunteer for the program, as a way to contribute to the schools and the towns of Concord and Carlisle, and to foster a sense of community.

            A written course proposal will ideally include, in draft form for discussion: topic; brief syllabus; student materials; classroom requirements; teaching format/methodology; background of teacher or resume; desired course schedule.



            Please contact:

Courtland Booth, Director

Concord-Carlisle Schools, Adult & Community Education

500 Walden Street

Concord MA 01742

Email at cbooth@colonial.net