IMSCC School Calendar

Fall and Winter/Spring sessions are 16 weeks: September through January and February through June. The summer program is a flexible 9-week session. Make-up weeks are included in each semester (see Absence Policy).

Summer 2016 begins session Tuesdays June 28 through August 23.

Fall 2016 session begins Tuesday September 6 for pre-registered students; September 12 for new students.

Winter/Spring 2017 session begins January 30.

Our lessons follow public school schedules. IMSCC lessons are given only on days when school is in session, with the possible exception of Professional days. Please check directly with your child's teacher about lessons on Professional days.

Please note: Concord and Carlisle Public Schools occasionally have different holiday schedules. If a student's lessons take place at a different school from the one he or she attends, please check the school calendar below, and ask your child's teacher if you have any questions about specific dates.